We believe in the future of work.

N365 was founded in 2021 with the aim of helping freelancers and businesses improve their work life. Thanks to you, we can continue to work on what we are truly passionate about and strive every day to provide you with the best possible service. Because we are freelancers who run businesses, because we understand you and your work is part of our future.

Freelancers and small businesses are redefining work. We are redesigning banking to help them grow their business.

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N365 goal is not just to be an on-demand payment app, but to truly create a financial wellness platform that delivers significant value to entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Our Mission

Empower business owners by providing tools and services designed to save them time and money.

The Most Comfortable Way To Grow Your Business

Financial management can cause a lot of stress. Help yourself to improve your financial well-being. This high-impact social benefit helps you maintain and improve productivity.

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Our Values



We remove hurdles and support our customers’ freedom, so they can do their thing.


We employ human-centered design to deliver awesome experiences and solve our customers’ needs.



Freelancing is a community, which means we take care of one another. So we’re always here to help.

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Opening an account with us takes a few minutes, and you can do everything straight from your phone. Including ordering digital or physical cards.

Our Customers

The driving force behind what we do at Lili is the people we are here to empower – our customers. Every decision is made with the goal of helping our customers navigate the financial management of their business, from invoicing, to taxes, to expense management, and everything in between. Whether freelancers or self-employed, Lili aims to provide our customers with the tools they need to help them grow their business.