Buy and sell crypto online, instantly so easy -to use

Buy and sell crypto online, instantly.

Welcome to a new kind of crypto experience that’s convenient and intuitive. 

Located right next to your cash, you can now trade crypto in your N365  app. No confusion, no waiting times, and no need to download a new app — trying crypto couldn’t be easier. Just give it a tap in your N365 app to begin.


Stay on top of crypto trading market movements

Just like any other currency on N365, you can buy, sell, exchange and send it.

The Most Comfortable Way To manageyour crypto wallet

Saving You Time
Trusted Company

Keep All Coins Save in Your Online Wallet

Couldn’t be more convenient

An all-in-one app

Manage and monitor both cash and crypto in one place — from your N365 app. No need to download a new app or make a new account to start trading crypto, just scroll down from your bank account to check it out.

Buy and sell — instantly

You can turn your cash into crypto, or vice-versa, in a flash with N365 Crypto. Buy and sell almost 200 coins — including Bitcoin, Ether, and Cardano — right from your N365 app. And all of your crypto transactions are processed faster than you can say ‘that was so fast.’


Start with just €1

Buying crypto doesn’t have to be costly, after all, you only need €1 to get started. And with N365 Crypto, you’ll pay 1.5% in fees on Bitcoin and 2.5% on other cryptocurrencies

Easy experience

Our simple app experience lets you browse, buy, and sell crypto with ease. From helpful coin insights to a clear portfolio overview, you’ll soon feel right at home with N365 Crypto. 

And whether you’re a current customer or a new one, signing up is a piece of cake.



Getting started — easy as 1-2-3

Discover N365 Crypto in your N26 app by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Finances tab and scroll to Trading
  2. Select Get started with crypto and browse the coins
  3. If you’re ready, hit Buy and sign up in just a minute

Tada — enjoy being a digital currency owner!

Give crypto a try